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Created a HD/Blu-Ray and HQ stills "Lost" screen capture website! Come visit, it's a work in progress but the plan is to get every episode capped and include HQ promotional stills and episodic stills!

xLOSTCAPSx is the only "Lost" screen capture and image archive on the web to solely feature High Definition Blu-ray screen grabs and High Quality promotional and episodic stills! Screen captures on this website are taken from Blu-ray at 1080p HD, 1920x1080 pixel dimensions. The promotional and episodic stills archived here are no less than 1500 pixels on the largest dimension. xLOSTCAPSx also features a High Quality of the Moment, which are stills larger than any other on the site—we like to call these Ultra High Quality (UHQ).

You will notice that xLOSTCAPSx does not place watermarks on any image found on this site. We do not believe in altering images. All captures and stills are here for everyone to enjoy. We remain "JPEG Ownership" drama FREE! In addition, if you use the screen captures/stills on your website or in artwork, it would be nice to link back to the website so others may use them too! Also, drop us an e-mail so we know where and how the captures are being used!

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xlostcapsx xlostcapsx xlostcapsx

(also looking for more Lost-related, HQ, HD/Blu-ray affiliates)


Anybody catch the first episode of this last week? It's episode two tomorrow night. Jury's out at the moment, as the first episode seemed needlessly involved, but it certainly seems intriguing. Plus there are undeniable cool points for having both Richard Alpert and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the cast. ;)

I'd recommend it, if anybody hasn't seen it yet.

Looking for a beta!

I'm looking for a beta for my novel length "Lost" story centered around Richard Alpert. The story is about 113,243 words consisting of a prologue, 20 chapters, and a small epilogue. Below are the statistics for the story:

"Amor Æternus"
by: xblackrockx
Fandom: "Lost"
Keywords: Richard-centric, Richard/Other
Spoilers: in general, all of "Lost".
Rating: R (minor language, violence, sexuality)
"Amor Æternus" follows the story of Annabel Horton, a young woman born on the island and raised by parents in the DHARMA Initiative. She battles high expectations to carry on in DHARMA fashion. But not everything is what it seems. Anna is haunted with dreams of darkness and visions she can not explain. Could the answer lie outside the confines of the deadly sonic fence that protects the DHARMA Initiative from the island's "diverse wild life"? Or could a chance run in with one of the "Hostiles" prove to be the answer Anna Horton is looking for?

If you are interested, please e-mail me at:

Beta requirements: "Lost" fan. :)

Thank you!
zoe noah

There's A New World Somewhere They Call The Promised Land

Title: There's A New World Somewhere They Call The Promised Land
Author: tellshannon815
Characters: Richard, Miles. Mentions of Isabella.
Pairings: Richard/Miles (Richard/Isabella)
Rating: PG
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers for Ab Aeterno and The End.
Summary: Written for lost_in_108 prompt #92: home. Richard returns to Tenerife after leaving the island.

He had his new world after all

July updates @ Nestor Carbonell Fans

Nestor Carbonell Fans
July 2011

San Diego Comic-Con: July 21st
Nestor is scheduled to appear at the San Diego Comic-Con, July 21st (Thursday) from 1:45-2:45PM in Ballroom 20. He will be there with other "Ringer" co-stars, including Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ioan Gruffudd, and Kristoffer Polaha. Check out this article for more information.

Photo Gallery
Added some new photo shoot images, categorized under miscellaneous since I'm not sure of the photographer or the shoot they were taken for. Enjoy!

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Added movie stills and screen captures for "Smokin' Aces"!

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