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A Richard Alpert [Nestor Carbonell] Community
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Richard Alpert
Currently under construction. We will be up and running in a day or so ;)

This community is focused on the mysterious character of Richard Alpert, from the television show LOST. Richard is portrayed by the talented and handsome Nestor Carbonell.

The kinds of things you will see in this community are: Graphics/fanart, icon competitions, fics, episode discussion, fanmixes, Nestor Carbonell news, picspams... and whatever else you can think of. Members of this LJ Comm can post to the main page whenever they feel like, and it's encouraged that we share our work, fangirlisms and Richard/Nestor news with each other =D.

If there is a demand for a separate Nestor Carbonell community to be made, I'm happy to oblige. But for now I don't see why him and his character can't be merged in the same place during this long hiatus between seasons four and five ;)

Please join the Comm if you're a fan of the seemingly immortal Other :). Pimp this place to other Alpert fans out there if you're in the pimping mood ;)

This community was created by 6degreesoflea; co-run by janie_tangerine & alovelyfix.

+Treat other members with respect. Whether or not you agree with their theories, ships etc be courteous. This is an asshole free zone.
+Please tag your posts suitably. For example: icons, fanart, fic, theory, picspam, discussion, news, spoiler, episode number (eg '3x16'), question, fanmix. If you are unsure of what to tag your post as, just send a Mod a message.
+You can post LOST spoilers but they MUST be under a cut and clearly labeled as a spoiler. Revealing spoilers to those who don't wish to read them will NOT be tolerated.
+If you are posting images please keep the picture small. All large/multiple pictures are to go behind a cut. If you are posting icons, you can show up to three on the main page - the rest go behind a cut.
+LOST fics (must contain Richard or have a considerable Richard reference in them) should be labeled apropriately. Eg title, length, characters featured, rating (we don't want people stumbling across sexual references if they're too young/not into that).
+If you have Richard/Nestor news/links/pics please share :)

+3x07: Not in Portland
+3x13: The Man from Tallahassee
+3x16: One of Us
+3x19: The Brig
+3x20: The Man Behind the Curtain
+3x21: Greatest Hits
+3x22/23: Through the Looking Glass
+4x11: Cabin Fever
+4x12/13/14: There's No Place Like Home

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